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Grow Your Skills as a Storyteller...

Grow your skills in the art and craft of storytelling
Upcoming Opportunities for Storytellers
in Central Kentucky. Courtesy of Paschal Baute

As a storyteller (or apprentice storyteller) in Central Kentucky, you are invited to accept free admission to the next production of the Woodford Theater, on Thursday eve, December 2, at 8 p.m. The production is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Come and study the five language of storytelling: words, sound, gesture, attitude and interaction. You may bring a significant other. Simply call l Paschal (293-5302) before Dec. 1st, so we can have a number count. Woodford theater is in the new community center across from the Railroad museum, about 10 miles pas the airport..
More info including directions and map

Those who are fifty years young are eligible for the University of Kentucky Osher Lifelong Learning programs, a variety of courses for ten dollars. Paschal and Charlie Eyer, another Spellbinder storyteller will lead a Special Interest Group (SIG) roup that you may sign up for. “Understand and Use the Power of Story and Storytelling.” starts in February. Get on the OLLI mailing list now.
More info, or Diana Director Lockridge, 257-2658.

Those who may have some interest in telling stories to our public school children, folk fairy tales, may want to google Spellbinders and consider the three day training for the Lexington chapter uncoiling this summer. DTBA. Lexington now has the second largest chapter of Spellbinder storytellers in the country, with Berea, Richmond and Jessamine County just adding local chapters. Call Greg David, Lex Pub Lib, 231-5554, to be put on mailing list for future dates. The training is free. In the meantime if you want to just tag along and observe a storytelling session in Lexington, call Paschal’s cell. I am telling at Cassidy and Liberty monthly. 293-5302

Upon invitation, starting in January, weather permitting, Paschal will accept an invitation to come to your adult Sunday School to speak to parents in the power and value of storytelling in nurturing the spirituality of children. I will use several handouts developed in other teaching. This is offered as an opportunity for your church to promote your Godly Play program and recruit volunteers. 293-5302. You can expect me to support the Godly Play program.

For those who want just to listen or observe storytelling, do not overlook Public radio 88.9 every Friday eve, 7-9 and Sat at non. Also Kentucky Stloryteling Association has a program at Natasha’s downtown on the last Monday of each Month at 8 p.m.
Common Ground Coffee Café has Open Mike Storytelling every second Thursday 7:30 to 9, location on High near Rose. If you want to be put on a list to remind you of these events, let me know.

BTW, we are fortunate to have an extraordinary teacher and scholar of the bible here in Lexington, Dr. Margaret Ralph. She is now completing book #15. My brother, a retired Shell engineer has read all 14, after I introduced him to her first book some ten years ago, “And God Said What?” I would regard that book as essential reading for anyone who wants to teach bible stories.

If you ever have a chance to hear her, do not miss it, she is one of the best teachers and workshop presenters I have ever observed. She just completed a workshop for my brother’s Catholic parish in Covington, LA, and he agreed with me. If you are looking for a really meaningful gift for someone or yourself this Christmas, consider this book: And God Said What?

I will soon be making a number of suggestions to improve Godly Play both lessons and training. As far as I can tell, it has never been subjected to a serious critical review, and has a number of flaws, some I consider serious, both educationally and scripturally. I will offer this review so that your Godly Play program may have more effectiveness and accuracy to the inspired Word of God. This will be available after Christmas by visiting one of my blogs at

I will not post these suggestions here. You may find them only at the web address above.

Hope some part of this spurs your interest in storytelling, which will also spur your motivation and skill for the Godly Play program.

Hope to see some of you Dec. 2. I usually sit on the front room, middle. Come, observe and enjoy the five languages of storytelling: words, sound, gesture, attitude and interaction.

Paschal Baute
Lexington Spellbinder


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