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2011 Spellbinder Training Outcomes, summary of evaluations.

Spellbinder Training, 2011
Jessamine County Public Library, Nicholasville, Ky.
Led by Charlie Eyer, Margo Radcliffe, Madge Lynn and Paschal Baute
Report by Paschal

Sixteen of the 18 who completing the training, 15 women and one man, signed Commitment Agreement, to join Spellbinders. I am delighted with that number. Which is 91%.

This was the first time I had responsibility for the entire three days of training. I set out to create a warm, welcoming, sharing, friendly, learning community by using interactive exercises as often as possible. I believe we created that environment as evidenced by the ending attitudes of the participants. I was pleased and delighted with the presentations of the other trainers, each of whom did, INO, a great job.

Although I used small group process often, from the Thursday morning break on, we still did not get enough practice time foe some. I think I know why and will share at the debriefing where we can have time to talk. I can use another process model, if we do it agin, to get more speaking time for everyone.

Greg and I decided volunteers will receive Spellbinder badges at their first Spellbinder meeting, and their Certificate of Completion of Training after they complete at least two shadowing experiences. I look forward to other feedback.

I have participated in four training sessions, missing only the one last year. I believe this was the more thorough, demonstrating more variety of stories and performance styles, , the most user-friendly, and the most instructive and effective one we have done, due mainly to the team approach we used. I love the fact that these learners were exposed to a variety of storytelling styles, with many tips and hints, from four of us. I hope Lexington can continue and build upon this collegial experience. Thank you, Charlie, Margo, and Madge. Art Herman gave us one afternoon for coaching and a story. Charles Hardy, Margaret X and Gloria X (the two self-styled “virgin” storytellers who tell together) came the first morning to give us testimonials. I shall post the invited remarks of the three other presenters separately after they are received. Compliments about the food and the facilities were abundant and generous. For more feedback, see videotape.

Rate these on a 1-5 scale, 5 being highest.
AVERAGES for the first five statements:
There was sufficient balance among stories, ideas, and exercises. 4.94
The handouts and study notes were clear and helpful. 4.5
I had sufficient opportunity to participate and practice. 4.8
The trainers were empowering. 5.0, with one adding many +’s
I feel prepared to begin a storytelling apprenticeship. 4.56
(If not, please find a time you are comfortable sharing this with one of the Workshop Leaders.)

NOTE: If all 18 participants had turned in Evaluations, the figures above would most likely be lower, because two did noit sigh up, so their experience wcould be less positive than the 16 who did commit.

Kindly print your answers to the rest:
This is the first time we have attempted this collaborative model of team training. Please tell us how you liked it and whether it worked for you. Were the differing presenting styles beneficial for you to learn better, feel encouraged and more confident to become an apprentice
Slowed the energy and dynamic of the story; safe and kind community for haring; joy of needing service and encouragement; sharing expertise; practicing, practicing, practicing; great job; great group of pro’s presentations,; stories and suggestions from all; wonderful excellent training; practice most fun thing I have done; encouragement that I can be a spellbinder could not be better; successful; spellbinder storyteller; Energy and dynamics, wish it had lasted four days; great teachers, most fun thing I have done; appreciate variety of different inputs; loved the team approach; More confident Very much so; having opportunity to see different styles of delivery; individual storytellers inspiring and encouraging; Yes, Yes;
The most valuable”take-away” for me was:
That I can do this activity as long as I like
Lots of support of folks with information and encouragement
Wish I had taken more notes
Being aware of the development stage of the audience, will learn more in monthly meetings,
Gaiming the confidence to be able to do storytelling
Stories and suggestions form each leader
Encouragement and many story options
Encouragement that I can be a spellbinder
Interaction and experience with others, how far reaching spellbinder
To hear storytelling from veterans
New friends
how wonderful storytelling isl
the value of sharing stories and new friends
Practice and know your story,
Relax and enjoy
How to use your voice, and facial expressions.
Learning the words to paint the picture. Just go with it and have fun.,
Exposure to storytelling and having fun

Please give at least one suggestion for improvement of the training.
Did not like reabind out loud from notes
The presentation, facilities and food were so good, I cannot complain
Everything was wonderful, excellent training session
I would have liked more practice time,
Need to exercise our storytelling in front of seasoned pros
Could not get any better
Keep it up and expand
More time to practice storytelling
Don’t run out of coffee
Thank you. Workshop was wonderful. Loved the resources. Might have the librarian to bring in books to use.
More practice but don’t know how we could do it.
Maybe story choices could be fewer.
Separate rooms for larger break out groups. Too much noise in one large room.
Keep it as it is. Difficult to suggest any improvement.


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