Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kisses, Kisses, and KISSES

Story submission

Kisses. kisses, and kisses.

There are three kinds of kisses.

Ordinary kisses, stirring ssexy Kisses, and then

there is that rare, mind-blowing KISS

that changes one’s life forever.

This is the true story of the third kind of kiss that

waited 54 years to happen.

l am a Spellbinder storyteller in Lexington, Kentucky, member of the second largest chapter of Spellbinders in the USA. This kiss happened between my Spellbinder buddy, Charlie Eyer and his bride, Carolyn. I will provide his telephone number for verification at the end. I am submitting this story with their approval.

Long time ago, in the 1940s, two young teens in Paducah, Ky just enjoyed hanging out with each other. This friendship began and continued during the last two years of high school.

He was always at her house, did her homework while

she talked on the phone with her boyfriends. They did lots of things together, mostly talking and walking, with the young Charlie taking lots of pictures with a big camera hie father

had acquired in a swap. They both simply enjoyed their friendship. He was very shy, a self-described "nerd." so they never "dated," or had a single kiss.

After high school graduation, they both went their own ways

married and had families. They never saw each other again or talked for 54 years.

Now it was the year 2--6. It was 54 years later.

Charlie discovered his high school friend was divorced and asked for a date. Then they had their very first date, which ended in their very first kiss, which began as a peck.

That Kiss was the third kind of kiss.

It was the one they had waitjed 54 years for, without knowing it.

--the one that has such magic, mystery, adventure, passion and promise that it totally changes one’s world view.

Disappointed in love and marriage, both families raised

and out of the house,. it was the kiss that both

had unconsciously, unknowingly waited for.

Six years later, they are still into their honeymoon.

Charlie and I were both born the same year, 1929, and we are both "awesome Spellbinder storytellers,performing for and delighting countless children in our schools.

Spellbinders® is dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth, weaving together the wisdom of diverse cultures throughout time.

Charlie and Carolyn Eyer can be reached at (859) 223-2276

My cell is (859) 293-5302

© Paschal Baute, 2012

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