Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hot News for Later October. Deadline Octo 25

Hot News for Late October
Lexington Spellbinders

Lexington Spellbinders are now members of the Kentucky Storytelling associate and thereby entitled to discounts in KSA actitivities.

For the first time ever we will have the KSA annual conference in Central Kentucky, and only 26 miles away in Richmond. Many activities, November 6 and 7, Friday non to Saturday 10 p.m.

Ten fabulous workshops, including “nuts and Bolts or storytelling,”“Audience Participation,” “Story Deliver,” telling to Pre-Schoolers,” Youth tellers,” Owning the Power of your own story,” and four others equally as exciting in possibilities for enhancing your skill, art and understanding. Go to KSA site for full program namely

Early registration fee (until October 25, so you have 5 days) for you is only $15.00. Please go to the KSA home page link to register now for this conference.. http://www.kystory.org/conference/2009-conf-registration-form.shtml

Please note: After October 25, conference fee is $35.00

Cynthia Changaris, one of my favorite storytellers is leading several workshops. She did the Lexmgton Spellbinder training in 2007. Mary Hamiltoni who trained us twice is now a national award wining storyteller and will be there. With many others.

You will not find this kind of gathering, excitement, talent, experience and love of story and storytelling in Central Kentucky for at least another five years.

Do not miss this. Register Now. You will love this gathering and the fun people you will meet.

Paschal the Rascal